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Quick update on the recent events so that I can get to the story I really want to tell about today.

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As a preview to the World's Fair for Kids, the WFK team will be showing stuff at the Florida State Fair, 2/9-2/22. We ended up having to be part of that with Quasi and 2 Jam-o-Drums. It is kind of insane because we're so busy and we don't really have time to do this and to actually do the two projects. Also, we're supposed to be in some kind of shed outside where everything will get dirty and where the Jam-o-Drums won't even be visible. They actually asked if we could run them without the projectors, even though that's all they are! We joked that I could hang from the top and draw in realtime with a whiteboard marker.

We're splitting up the event so that Lenny, Camilla, and I are down for the first half and Andy, Seema, and Chris for the second half. Lenny and I were to drive down this Sunday/Monday. This past week has been very hectic getting ready.

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On the Jam-o-Drum front, it was down to the wire to get the tables built. Things went really slowly. The team was more involved than we wanted to be but it didn't help much. There were some issues with the new spinner and pad designs. Lenny and I both had to pull all-nighters on Friday night. We finally finished getting them built, tested, and packed onto the truck at 3am Saturday night. They've only been slightly tested so we're worried about that. Lenny and I had to leave Sunday morning so we had to get a little sleep.

But if you think all that is bad, just wait until you hear how our trip down went...
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