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A long walk home

URL: As far as the facts, I'll let the website speak for itself. A man decided to walk a long way and document the trip. His wife is a friend of mine through Toontown, which is how I found out about this. I am really intrigued by his journey and the website. Although it took a long time to get caught up, reading his journal was a lot of fun. It's one of those situations where I find me putting myself in his shoes. Could I go though that? Sadly I don't think I could. Maybe I could handle the walking. I'd like to believe that anyway. There are so many things I couldn't handle. I'm not that good at talking to strangers, asking for free stuff, and all the logistics. I'd never be able to get up every morning knowing what lay in store for me and sucessfully resist the urge to sleep it. The first rainy or especially cold night in a tent would probably do me in, as my friends who went camping with me know. I'm just not that adaptable to conditions or culture. Maybe that's why I'm not good at travelling. It impacted me enough that I felt I had to write something about it before I forgot, even though barely enough code has been written to even allow me to type this. This is the first real entry into my new website, though I'm sure there will be an official "first post" later on as well as much back dated material before this. Eric, I just want to wish you good luck.