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The daily nothing

Well, I don't have much to say today. I felt I should be writing more often, perhaps daily so this is a start. I had an Alice meeting. It was sort of sad to be thinking about handing off my code and stuff. I don't know what they are going to do with BVW next year. Randy's plan to move it all to the PTC sounds like it will kill it for the undergrads, a shame, but at least I made it. A girl emailed me about finding my website and the set game. It think it is cool that people like what I do. If you read this, hi, Kimberly. Anyway, I went and picked up my graduation tickets and signed the new card for Mark. As an advisor I didn't need much help from him because I had Randy, but I still needed to thank him for me getting it. It is true I wouldn't be here if not for Mark. Then I picked up my cap and gown. Finally my out of order story comes together as I went home and played some set with my new friend. She schooled me. It was pretty embarassing. I should practice. Got some grub, watched some West Wing, watched Memento, and then it was time to do "Senior stuff". By the way it was funny today when Dennis suggested his title should be "Señor research programner" instead of "Senior research programmer". Somewhere in the middle I was setting up my MIT computing account. There are some things they don't do really well. I like the system we have here. I'll call that the sucessful ramblings of a first daily entry. Let's see if this keeps on working. Prediction: no.