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TV-synced Watches

Use of watches may have seen a decline since everyone started carrying cell phones everywhere which also have clocks. However, I hear they're making a comeback. I always wear a watch as my phone in my pocket isn't nearly close enough when I want to know the time. For a long time I've had an unfortunate habit of checking my watch for all sorts of information that it doesn't contain. I think it could have the potential to have more of that, but more about that in a later post about my thoughts on the upcoming smart (meta) watches.

One specific idea I've had for a while is a way for my watch to show me the time in the TV show or movie I'm watching. When people reference time on TV, especially a deadline in a ticking-clock scenario, I naturally check my watch for the current time to see how much time they have left. What if there was a technology where the show-local time could be constantly broadcast in a side-band like closed captions. The easiest thing would be to be able to bring it up on the TV, but it would also be available should someone want to make a TV/watch combo where the TV could broadcast it straight to your own wrist-watch. I'd find that a lot more immersive than the current crop of 3D they're pushing on us now.