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John Kerry on campus

Four years ago, before the last presidential election, Al Gore came and spoke on campus at CMU. I remember it well, because as a member of ABTech, I got to be a volunteer to help out with the event. Gore brought his own equipment and union crew, but we were still able to help setup up banners and other miscellaneous things. I got to go on the roof of Wean 7500, where few people ever get to go. Cooler was when the secret service told us to leave.

Today John Kerry came to campus for a speech. This time tech was not involved in any capacity. I still ended up going to the speech with some tech members. The line was ridiculous. We waited for hours and it wasn't fun. When we finally got in it was very hard to see. It was also hard to hear because the speakers they brought were too few and two small for the venue. ABTech could have honestly done better.

Bon Jovi was there to play a few songs. It really wasn't that great. I did enjoy hearing Kerry speak. Much more than Gore because I'm actually politically aware this time, and concerned about the election. Speaking of concerns, I supposedly registered to vote in PA, but I haven't received any confirmation or info about it yet. Anyways, I know that these types of speeches are really for undecideds watching on TV and not for those of us in attendance but I still enjoyed.