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Week One

The first week of school has come and passed. So far my classes haven't really given me any hard work to do. I have to start the shell for my OS for ... OS. It actually bothers me that everyone has to write Yalnix -- I think you should get to name your own OS. I'm not in 18-240 yet, which I really need to figure out this morning because I need to be in the class and not screw over my lab partner and the first lab would be on tuesday for me. Definately one of the funnier class related moments this week was when I was trying to get to 85-100 and the stairs in Doherty were clogged with people trying to get into 2210 and I said loudly, "Intro to Intelligence? How about starting with 'Don't block the halls!'" Ha Ha. Anyways... BVW has been a lot more work so far than I expected, but this first week is the hard one and I enjoy helping people. Randy still spells my name wrong. If he plans to fix my grammar I'll teach him to spell my name.

Outside class things are going well. I ran 2wice this week. Rush has been going well, and our events have been fun. Monday we went to Gullifties for dessert. Tuesday we went to the Pirates/Braves game. It was a good game. The Braves were up but in the bottom of the 9th there looked like a chance that the Pirates could pull it off (Go Buccs!) but it didn't happen. I missed laser tag, and ultimate frisbee yesterday was a lot of exercise.

It's tough to keep the personal stuff out of this journal when it is the only one I have and there are things I have to say. Maybe I need a private/public feature or something. Speaking of new features, I added passworded folders to the gallery this morning, especially for Alex.

I'm looking forward to this upcoming weekend. It will be really busy. Saturday is our annual beach party on our porch. That means shoveling 5 tons of sand. fun. I'm also in charge of the waterfall, which desperately needs a new basin, and lighting. It worked out so well last year, I'm definately going to do the green people with purple shadows thing. Then after the beach party I'm off to NJ for my cousins Bat Mitzvah and seeing the family, then straight back.

Got to go to OS now. Later! ;-)