Uses for a Smart Watch

Lately smart watches have become a thing. These are watches you wear on your wrist that can do so much more than tell the time. Certainly they have more built-in processing than other watches, but what really separates them out is that they connect to other services, usually through your cell phone. This has gotten me excited because ever since I was a little kid I was always accidentally looking at my wrist for information that wouldn't be there, but now it could. I think I've always worn a watch, and I've gone through a lot. I've had calculator watches, diving watches, and I even have one right now with a GPS in it that I use for running. They say that watch usage is fading because now everyone carries a cell-phone that can tell the time. I can't imagine having to take my phone out of my pocket just to check the time, and I hope soon I won't have to take my phone out of my pocket to check a number of other things. It's really only a matter of time until I get a smart watch. The only thing really holding me back is deciding just which one to get.

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