Never Redeem Bottle Deposits

I do believe in recycling, at least somewhat, so I do not throw away any glass or plastic bottles or aluminum cans. In theory, when the pile gets big enough I take it to the recycle bin in the basement. But the recycle bin is often near full and so I need go down and check if there is room before I actually bring anything down there. And I'm lazy so I don't like taking 2 trips and so the pile grows, and the bigger it grows the lazier I become. I don't usually bother with the 5 deposit on a lot of the bottles, but recently I let the pile (of mostly beer bottles) get so big that it seemed like it might be worth getting some money out of it. Seemed like it would be worth it but it was a very bad idea.

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Wrong (Musical) Number

Last week I was in Orlando for a trade show. On Thursday night two coworkers and I got on a bus and headed out to get some drinks. On the bus I got a call on my cell phone from a "Restricted number". I answered it and it was just a person singing the Star Spangled Banner. When they were done they hung up. I thought, "That was weird." Then I got another call, this time from a Boston (617) number that I didn't recognize. I thought, "here comes the explaination" but instead I got White Christmas. Who was this? A friend whose number I don't have or a friend of a friend's phone? Now that we had a number we decided to call back and sing a song of our own. We used Yrinee's phone and Schuyler sang Sitting on the Dock of the Bay. The next call was from a different number that told the story. I got a call from my number... except with 2 digits transposed. Aha! Even though they must have realized that they failed to prank their friend when they called me instead, now they must be together. The song battle went back and forth for about half an hour. We never had a conversation and never learned any more about our mystery drunken friends other than the name Naomi on one of their voicemails a time they didn't answer.
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