I have finally replaced my stolen wii. My new friend code is:

8623 0016 9305 2872

If you're going to enter it into your Wii, please comment with your friend code since they need to be mutual.
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Come right on in and take whatever you'd like

Yesterday while I was at work my apartment was burglarized. I got home to find my door closed, but the door frame was split in half so that nothing was really holding it that way. They didn't get all the expensive things in the place, but they sure got some good stuff. Luckily not my PC will all my data, but they did take: my laptop, my camcorder, my digital camera, my projector, my Wii, all of my Wii games and GameCube games (for playing on the Wii) as well as half of my PlayStation2 games (accidentally?) and pretty much all the accessories for all those things. Oh yeah, so if already used my Wii friend code, go ahead and send them some nasty message.

Luckily I have renters insurance, if you don't have insurance, let this serve as a warning get yourself some damn renters insurance. Nothing taken was really that irreplacable and some of the things I'll even be happy to have to replace. Still, what isn't replacable is feeling secure in this apartment. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. At the very least I can trasfer to an identical apartment not on the ground floor, although this place has had break-ins on every floor. I can buy myself an alarm system, too. What I really want is a standard metal door frame, not one made out of one by, a safer neighborhood, and a complex that cares about the security of the front door/gate. I might be able to replace a door frame here at my own expense but I'm considering moving to a place that already has all 3 of those things.

I don't know why they picked my place. I keep the shades down for exactly this reason, so that no one can see in and see all my awesome stuff. The night before, while I was watching the superbowl on my projector, I ordered a pizza and the delivery guy commented that I had the perfect setup for a superbowl party, so I can't help wondering if that had anything to do will everything disappearing the following day. Why do people have to suck?
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