I am a large volume spammer

Blue Security was a company who attempted a strategy to combat spam by collectively and automatically helping users opt-out of spam lists and simultaneous flooding spammers with these opt-out requests to convince them to stay away from users of Blue Security's service in the future. Because of much of what I read about the problems with such propose schemes, I signed up to see how it worked. I didn't even really use the system but they had my email address. Then an upset spammer decided to launch an attack on Blue Security and its users. By the end Blue Security closed its doors. I had received threatening email from the spammer claiming a 10-20 times increase in my spam if I didn't stop using the service. Since I didn't really use it I wouldn't really mind unsubscribing, although because I didn't like the idea of giving spammers what they wanted and mostly because I couldn't really figure out how to unsubscribe and I doubted it would do any good, I didn't. Now even though Blue Security is gone I'm left with almost 300 "spams" a day. The worst part, however, is that it isn't spam. No extra spam is being directed to me. Instead, my email address is being used constantly as the From: address in email. So while other get spam from me, I get a large number of mail bounces from recipients that were not valid email address. Does anyone have any idea what could be done to fight something like this? Who can I pay to find who's using my address and make them stop? *sigh* Yes, I know it won't ever be possible and how naive that sounds. I know the only solution is to discontinue that email address but I hate to be beaten like that. Something really needs to be done. I can't believe this one guy has caused so much trouble all over the internet and he is just going to be allowed to get away with it all.
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