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It is a couple months old, but this article from the Onion about Everything That Can Go Wrong Listed is totally hillarious. If you want to kill a few minutes enlarge the image and read some of the many things that could go wrong. "UPS package isn't for you." That's my favorite and it never fails to crack me up.
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Poker, Poker, Poker

This summer I played a lot of poker with the people I was staying with. I was all excited to come back and play with my friends here now that I had improved. Much to my dismay they had all gone and switched to Euchre, which I have absolutely no interest in learning.

I took [info]harryh's advice and signed up for the wrgpt. It is an email based poker tournament, that is very slow. Just yesterday I was wondering if I had indeed remembered to sign up and then today I got my first email saying that the tournament had started.

And no sooner did that happen than I made another poker related discovery. Last Call Poker. This a free online poker site. You play with $10K in fake money which resets once a week. What's so great about fake poker where you don't win anything? Well, for me I don't care about winning so much as I want to enjoy playing, and so not losing anything makes it fun, even if it does take away some of the strategy since no bet is worth anything. However, that's not really why I found out about it. It is actually an alternate reality game. I love the concept of ARG's. This looks like one of the better ones. I've been interested in this since The Beast. However, I never seem to have enough time to really keep up with them. Just getting caught up can be a bit too difficult if you don't get in at the beginning.
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