IM Greeting

It's odd that there isn't a standard greeting for IM. There should me something, a way of saying "I would like to talk to you or ask a question" as the ringing of a phone would do. Not even the same as "Hello" because that's actually the response, it's more the question, "Are you there?" "Hey", "Hi", "Ping", "are you there?", "firstname?" seem to be popular. Maybe I should start using "Ahoy, Ahoy" as A. Graham Bell proposed.
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The Scenic Route

Today Jeremy, Matt, and I decided to work out and experiment with a new way to get to work. First thing in the morning we met up and ran GATech's π mile (3.14 miles). Then instead of our normal drive, we took our bikes on MARTA, Atlanta's train system, and then from the northmost station, North Springs, road our bikes 10.5 miles to office. Needless to say, we also reverse the ride on the way home. There were some tough hills, particullary on the way there, but overall it was a good ride. It wasn't much worth the time it took, but it was fun once. Now my legs are so tired I may never want to walk again.
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CrossPosting to LiveJournal

You asked for it and you got it! Most of my friends use LiveJournal and only check the blogs they can read on their friends pages. I have had a LiveJournal account for a while but I haven't used it. My friends suggested that I should, or at least generate an RSS feed for them to syndicate. In the past I used my custom system because I hadn't intended it to be blog-like. It wasn't supposed to be like this but that's what it evolved into. It might not be what I want but it is what I can actually maintain, so better than nothing. Anyway, now that they are so similar, why don't I use LiveJournal? Well, I'm pretty invested in my system since I spent so much time creating it. It integrates with my other sites nicely and I can do what I want with it if I want to change it later. But I decide to use LiveJournal also. After much work, my website now knows how to crosspost all of these entries to my LiveJournal. I can't garuantee everything will work perfectly all the time, but it should be good enough. I even have comments made on either site synced so you can comment wherever you'd like. Maybe people will comment now. I also now support ljcut and ljuser tags. All my old posts are even moved over so check it out. [info]sparkyb
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Heading Back

The summer is almost over. Where'd it all go? I didn't get as much done this summer as I had hoped. I had all these person projects I wanted to work on. My websites and self improvement stuff. I didn't run or work out. There's only 1 website project (on a list of dozens) that got done. I had all these school related projects I wanted to work on. BVW prep, panda stuff, Animateering and Dome improvements. None of it happened. I'll also miss it here. PlayMotion! has been so much fun. I'll miss working on this stuff. I'll miss being productive and busy without being as stressed and overloaded as I will be in the fall. I'll miss games night and the bonds I've made here.

Never-the-less, I'm excited to go back. I'm excited to be out of this mess and back into my house. I'm excited for ABTech, orientation, AEPi, rush, new ETC students, BVW, welding, Alex, and everything back in the burgh. I'm also really psyched for the trip that will get my back there. Just before I came down here, Carly and I had been talking and she said she wanted to come visit. She wants to see my house and my car. We planned it so that she'll fly down here. She can see PlayMotion! Then she'll keep me company as we do a road trip together back to Pittsburgh. Then she's going to hang out with me there for 2 days before flying home. I haven't seen her since the beginning of the summer because she's been on an internship in CA and I won't see here again until winter break because she's studying abroad in the Turks and Caicos.

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Tonight the sky opened up and I thought it was the end of the world. We hadn't heard any storm warnings. I was at my friend Jeremy's watching a movie. I'd been driven there from work by Matt, but he had left as soon as the movie ended and I was there a little longer. It's only 4 blocks from where I live and I've scootered it many times and walked before, so it wouldn't be a big deal.

Just as I was about to go and leave, we saw a flash of lightning and then there were all these strange noises coming from outside. It didn't sound like rain or any kind of weather I've ever heard before. I stepped out into the hall, which is this building is basically outside. The ends of the halls on the outside don't have windows, just railing and the interior railing just overlooks the open air courtyard in the middle. I went to the end of the hall and looked out. At first I thought it was rain, but I looked down and things were dry. It was just a really strong and shifting wind. Dust was blowing all around as well. In the distance was lightning and also strange sounds of this bizarre wind blowing through the buildings. Lighting boomed and the power flickered. Something flew by on the gusts. Jeremy and I expected to see the cows flying by or prehaps a woman on a bike with a pointy hat.

I went to leave, to get out as soon as I could so that I might beat the rain. Stupidly, I got in the elevator because I wanted to get down as quick as possible, and I almost did. Half way down the power flickered again and the elevator dropped several feet.

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