Ghost of XMas Past

A picture of the snow fence was used on the CMU winter break resources website. Too bad it didn't make the Tartan, but this is still cool.

The BVW show went very well. First year that there was no worlds that crashed. Only took 6 years to get here. Making tapes this time was much worse than the past 2 times. This time, because the show was after classes, we had to make special arrangements to have the class meet to get the tapes and do the end of semester wrap up stuff. Unfortunately it was on Wednesday, the next day. I barely had enough tapes made, which involved me going back to Stage3 during the meeting to get the last batch for the class minus 2. This was after staying at Stage3 all night to make them and missing a party (which I didn't even know about). Things eventually turned out ok and I was able to have fun the following day.


Finals went pretty well. I must have done pretty well on all of them based on the grades I got. B in OS, A in Intro to Intelligence, and the highest grade in the class in Computer Engineering, pretty sweet. I also think I was the first one to leave that final. Makes me wish that I'd worked a little harder in OS, because I don't think it would have been that much harder for me to get an A, giving me the 4.0 I've never had, and this would have been an impressive semester to get it in, what with BVW and all. It was funny, on the last day of class, when we were filling out faculty/course evaluations, Kesden mentioned how they like getting feedback because OS was probably one of the most time consuming classes for both students and staff, besides BVW.

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1 More Day, Enjoy Break

Preamble )It snowed a lot Wednesday night and we had about 6 inches on the ground. Last night, at 12:30 my friend Jessica and I went out onto the cut and built a fence out of snow. If you are familiar with CMU then you know what the cut is and the fence that is at one end of it. Our snow fence was a smaller model of that one. We built it at the other end of the cut, near the street. We painted both sides. For the people coming to campus the front said "1 MORE DAY", because today was the last day of classes, and for the people leaving the back said "ENJOY BREAK". It took us about 4 hours to do, but it was well worth the effort. I said I would be happy if it stayed intact until 3pm, and it lasted til at least some time after 4:30. At some point some assholes came and knocked it down. That sucks. I did get pictures.

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