Booth 2002: Batcave

is year the overall theme was Inside-Out. Our choice for overall theme was "Famous People's Houses, Real or Imaginary". We basically did that anyway, by doing Batman. It was inside out, though, because you enter the batcave which is visible from the outside, and then Gotham City (outside) was inside that. Above the batcave on the outside was a really good looking facade of Wayne Manor. The batcave, manned by Alfred had a neat Batcomputer which would teach you all about the batmobile and the Penguin. It also had a cute little story about why bats fly at night, for the kids. Alfred was there to inform you that the Penguin had poisoned Batman and his henchmen where running loose in the city, some carrying the antidote. When you got furth inside you were on a city street in Gotham City. On the street was the Batmobile we built out of fiberglass and car parts from a junkyard (the chairs are in my room now). The game was to drive the Batmobile, capture the Penguins henchmen (little penguins under mind-control, you don't kill them only fix them and return them to the zoo), and find the antidote to save Batman. The city was projected in front of them. One person had to drive with a steering wheel and pedals, the other had to navigate (with the GPS monitor on the floor) and shoot the baterang to capture the penguins.

I was the game guy again. There were a bunch of really tough challenges. The environment was much more expansive than the year before. We needed a whole model of Gotham City, which we bought from some friends of mine, Reagan and Gabe, who are experts at that.

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