Tonight the sky opened up and I thought it was the end of the world. We hadn't heard any storm warnings. I was at my friend Jeremy's watching a movie. I'd been driven there from work by Matt, but he had left as soon as the movie ended and I was there a little longer. It's only 4 blocks from where I live and I've scootered it many times and walked before, so it wouldn't be a big deal.

Just as I was about to go and leave, we saw a flash of lightning and then there were all these strange noises coming from outside. It didn't sound like rain or any kind of weather I've ever heard before. I stepped out into the hall, which is this building is basically outside. The ends of the halls on the outside don't have windows, just railing and the interior railing just overlooks the open air courtyard in the middle. I went to the end of the hall and looked out. At first I thought it was rain, but I looked down and things were dry. It was just a really strong and shifting wind. Dust was blowing all around as well. In the distance was lightning and also strange sounds of this bizarre wind blowing through the buildings. Lighting boomed and the power flickered. Something flew by on the gusts. Jeremy and I expected to see the cows flying by or prehaps a woman on a bike with a pointy hat.

I went to leave, to get out as soon as I could so that I might beat the rain. Stupidly, I got in the elevator because I wanted to get down as quick as possible, and I almost did. Half way down the power flickered again and the elevator dropped several feet.

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Rain, My Mortal Enemy

Today was the second day of the Music Midtown concerts. We woke up a little later today, but it was still Patrick and I heading over to get set up. We stopped for some snacks and then unloaded me and the gear. While he went to get people I cleaned up our area and set up everything except a few things we wouldn't need until much later.

The weather in the morning was cloudy by good. It was hot out when I was running around fixing fuses in the speakers, shaking old rain out of tarps, and hanging new PlayMotion! banners from our "booth". It only lasted for a little while though. Before long it was raining again. At first it was light and plesant, particularly from our dry tent. As it went on it only got stronger. Other people, friends and friends of friends, started coming by. They were wet from the rain and they brought it in, crowded our little space, and ate our food. I wouldn't normally be so inhospitable, but it was the weather and I wasn't comfortable anymore. When I have no place to go I don't always mind getting wet, but when there's a little bit of shelter the small about of water that finds its way in or the small amount of time I have to spend out starts to really aggitate me. I went out to the Honestly concert, taking the rain head on, but my spirits were down. We came back to the tent where I was soaked, could barely get in underneath the cover, couldn't sit down, and couldn't imagine having to spend 6 more hours out in that foul weather. It was absolutely pouring.

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