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Toontown Central is the major fansite for Toontown and I often read and contribute to the forums there. Recently some toons (as I call my fellow Toontown addicts) decided to hold a Survivor-style competition in Toontown. The idea was to organize two teams of toons, to hold immunity challenges twice a week, and to vote toons out in the same manner as the popular TV show. The original "cast" was 10 toons including myself. In addition to the two teams of 5, there are two hosts, Reff Robst and Bucky Teeth.

Each team had to come up with their own name. My team decided on Going Bananas, based on my suggestion. The other team was the Water Coggers. My team was made up of Rupert, Purrfect, The Professor, Maiden Tai Wan, and me, Julius.

The first challenge was a game of find-the-toon. Loosy Goosy was hidding somewhere in TTC on Nuttyboro and we had to find him. We devised a great plan. To split up the streets. Two people down each, one for each side. I would get the playground and then start on the 3rd street, with everyone else helping once they finished theirs. We would have won. Loosy said he saw Maiden walk into the shop where he was hidding. Unfortunately, Maiden failed to see him, and so the other team found him. Maiden got voted out for the mistake.

The next challenge was a scavenger hunt; we had to take pictures of certain objects from around toontown. I made a map of the where they objects were and decided what the most efficient 4 routes were. I gave each team member a route.

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Yes I know the title is far to nerdy. Still, I have not written in a while and much has happened. BTW, the title comes from something that happened much earlier this summer. I my house, in the dining area, there are four tables. The normal configuration is two sets of two tables end to end, side by side. In the summer we don't need as many tables and more open space is desirable. Instead we stack two tables on top of each other and push them out of the way, the remaining two are place at angles in the center of the room. One day I realied it hadn't been done yet this summer so I said that we needed to summerize the tables. This caused a bit of confusing and I had to point out the difference between summerized with an E and summarized with an A. Right now I'm summarizing the summer, so...
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