Edgerton Ski Trip

Today was the Edgerton ski trip. When I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and it was raining, I wasn't very excited to go. I was tired and grumpy. The idea of sitting on a bus for 4 hours with a bunch of strangers did not apeal to me. I was worried that skiing wouldn't be fun it I had to go around all by myself. With expectations like these the only place the trip could go was up.

We went to Wildcat in New Hampshire. When we were nearing there, Adam, who had prearranged the rentals went around collecting the money. Because we had given him all the information that goes on a ski rental form, he knew I was the only other renter that was a level III skier. We decided to ski together. I was glad to have a buddy and someone it seemed would be close to me in ability.

The weather too, turned out to be a blessing. The rain in the morning was light. We got a little wet but not as badly as I expected. At least it was warm and not too cold, I was wetter because I was sweating inside my jacket. I ditched my hat and fleece after lunch. The rain only lasted an hour or two. By the afternoon it was sunny and beautiful out. Best of all, the slopes were empty. No lift lines.

The skiing was great too. The lift was fast and the runs were very long. There were some great moguled runs, as well as some that were just nice and fast. Adam was a very aggressive skier, who pushed me to my limits. Since I hadn't been skiing in two years, my legs and back really too a punishing, but it was so much fun. Also worth mentioning is that even before our first run, I bumped into Angie, a friend from Carnegie Mellon. Quite a coincidence, even though I did know she was living in Boston!
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