In other news, I bought a Motorola Droid. Yes, I finally gave up my stone-age cellphone ways and embraced the smart phone revolution. Android is the platform I like and Verizon is the carrier I refuse to leave and Motorola is even the manufacturer that I have preferred up until now, so if I was ever going to like a smart phone this was going to be it. I'd never know without taking the leap and trying it, and so far it has been good. I'm still a fan of separate devices like a separate camera, gps, and portable game system, but having the internet everywhere is good and you're only going to get that with a phone. Even those tasks for which I prefer the separate devices, the built in ones will come in handy at times when I wasn't prepared to have the separate ones.

And a side-effect of having the new phone is finally jumping on the Twitter bandwagon. I never did it before because it was another website I didn't want to waste time in front of, both reading and posting, but the phone makes it casual enough to be worth it.
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