Truckin' It

Sunday (yesterday) morning Lenny and I set out on our 20 hour, 2 day adventure to drive the loaded down Enterprise rent-a-truck to the Florida State Fair in Tampa. We had no idea what adventure was in store for us with this truck.

Incredibly long and hilarious account of the travesty that was today's travels )

So now we're here at the fair. I showered only smell slightly like diesel. We have to get up at 7 to handle things with Enterprise and set up our stuff. I'm pretty worried since we saw that the space we're supposed to be in is basically just a horse corral with very muddy ground. They are going to lay event floor but I don't know if that will be enough to keep Quasi and the Jam-o-Drums from getting muddy or dusty or ruined. I don't know that we should really be here wasting our time and ruining our equipment, but we don't have much of a choice. Hopefully things will get better in the morning.
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Project Awry

It is a couple months old, but this article from the Onion about Everything That Can Go Wrong Listed is totally hillarious. If you want to kill a few minutes enlarge the image and read some of the many things that could go wrong. "UPS package isn't for you." That's my favorite and it never fails to crack me up.
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