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Last night I went to an art opening for a show called Art of the Can. PlayMotion has done a bunch of work for Red Bull (yes, the energy drink) over the last couple months. They've hired us to run PlayMotion at a number of events and parties they have sponsored. Just last month I completed a PlayMotion game that Red Bull sponsored in the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore where you fly over the Baltimore harbor which we build a virtual version of. It is a simulation of an event they sponsor this month called Flugtag or "Flying Day" which is a competition where people make flying crafts and see how far they can get when pushed off of a ramp in the harbor. Because of this relationship, they are always sending us cases and cases of free Red Bull and they invited our whole office to the private opening party for this art exhibit that has come to Atlanta. Art of the Can is an exhibit of lots of sculptures made out of Red Bull cans. There was some pretty neat stuff there, everything from jewlery and clothes to dragons and guitars. The party was packed and it was a lot of fun. Although only a few other people from work went, I brought a date and we had a great time.
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New Talents

I ran again on Monday so it looks like I might be sticking with it. I don't know about tomorrow, it's pretty late now. On Monday, though, I did even even better than Friday.

I'm learning to juggle. I probably mentioned that, but it is starting to go really well. First of all, I am practicing, I haven't given up yet. That in itself is a big achievement for me. I was kind of stuck until Matt Kusic gave me a tip yesterday. Now I am really starting to do something that could actually be considered juggling. It's not quite continuous, but it feels that way, if only for a second.

Also, I had fun exploiting my artistic side again. For Visual Story, we had to write up a director's paperwork for a scene out of the movie, Psycho, including drawing storyboards. Drawing 36 scenes, even if I could pause the video to draw it, was a lot of fun. I won't say mine look good, but the fact that you can tell what they are is a real accomplishment for me. Particularly the part where I had to repeat these 2 frame each 9 times (it cut back and forth very quickly) I got to practice learning to draw something, figuring out the essence of it, and drawing many times quickly.

Finally, tomorrow there are on campus tryouts for Jeopardy. I love that show and would love to be on it. I couldn't be on any other quiz show because I'm trained to answer in the form of a question. I hope I'll be able to make it to the tryouts, even if I don't make it on the show or anything.

All in all, I really feel that I'm getting the value out of college in a way I may never have before. Really broadening my horizons, the way college is meant to. Taking advantage of all these options to do something different. It feels good.
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If you've been in contact with me lately, you know that I've been very busy with this experiment I have been running. You may even know the significance of the phrase "Report your status, Bravo Leader." Basically, I have been running a lot of subjects through this experiment. It requires a lot of work on my part, but it also require a lot of sitting around and waiting. I've taken up drawing as a way to pass the time. I thought some people might like to see the doodles I came up with.
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