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Over the years I've come up with a few restaurant ideas. Some of them are completely silly and do not require deep thought. Others I think are actually brilliant in a way. Some are in between, but beware that in general some things that sound crazy might be a great idea that people are just not expecting to hear (So crazy it just might work). I had a new one recently that I think might be the best. I'll list all 4 in chronilogical order.

The restaurant where "You Get Your Check By The Time You're Done or Your Meal is Free" and that's the name of the restaurant. That basically sums it up. This one requires no thought about what a terrible name that is or how you'd deal with desert. It is just something I like to say when I'm sitting around waiting for a check, that this place should exist.

My next idea isn't actually mine. It was based on an idea of Monzy's. You know that carival game where you shoot the water gun into the clown's mouth and the balloon blows up? The idea is to build that game into urinals in a men's room. This would make a great gimmick for a bar. People would come because it's such a crazy gimmick and they'd have to drink lots if they wanted to play. Plus they might have better aim. It was Monzy's concept to build a urinal game. In fact he built one, called You're in Control (Urine Control) and published a paper in a human-computer interaction conference.

My third idea was a chain themed restaurant where each branch has a different theme. If you've visited one Hard Rock Cafe you've seen them all. There's no reason for me to see then one in Miami when I'm there if I've been to the Boston one. But with my restaurant, if you like it you might want to see how the others are different. Would the food themed or the same? What about the same food but different themed names? The tricky part is to make them different while still feeling like a chain and not just a bunch of different restaurants that I happen to own all of.

Finally, my greatest, and most recent idea. I call the idea the Open-Source Deli, although I probably would not actually call the place that. Like most normal lunch places they'd serve sandwiches as well as salad bar, soup, and all the typical stuff. The focus would be on the ability to design your own sandwich. There'd be pads with sets of choices to check off (or maybe it could be a computer touch screen). There'd have to be a wide variety of breads, meats, toppings, sauces, etc. This isn't unique, lots of places do this like K2 and ABP that Alex and I used to go to. First of all, this place would focus on that and thus do it better. Secondly, what this place would have that would make it great is some way to get the sandwich you design up on the board. I'm not sure the mechanism but if you did, you'd get to name your own sandwich and then there'd be some kind of incetive program where you got a free sandwich every 10 someone ordered or something like that.


I've been talking with some people about the last idea. The leading idea is that someone 10 random sandwiches would go up on the board each month. As people bought them, they'd move around on the board to indicate the popularity ranking. At the end of the month the top 5 out of the 15 (think about it) would stay. If a sandwich lasted 4 months in a row it would be "retired" and moved to a permenant menu (and the creator would no longer get "royalties", although they'd still have gotten to name it.)

Ben — 10/02/2004 12:43 am

New suggestions: have the sandwiches made by robots. It would be cool.

Ben Buchwald — 11/26/2005 03:24 am

my idea was to have little chalkboards and chalk so the guest could write their idea down neatly and then they are picked up by the waitress and put up in the kitchen or whatever

alberta — 9/11/2006 03:17 pm
Can u please help me ???

Hi im doing my junior senior project at my school and it is a graduation requirement . i was wondering if you could give me a hand . you seem to know alot about the buisiness and with that knowledge , creative ideas and my brains , i think the project will turn out GREAT!

Chucky-(Charles) — 10/25/2006 09:51 am
re:Can u please help me

Here's an idea. How about a place named
Kinda like HOOTERS but with a twist to have (Men with good physical appearance wear TIGHT SHIRTS showing off their musles while women would wear short, skimpy (yet proper-lookin) SKIRTS. You can serve ( Legs-ala-Whoa , Thighs n Sticks(leg sticks), Wings (all flavors)....and beer and beverages.....just an idea...

Davila — 10/25/2006 05:28 pm
Re: Can u please help me ???

I'm not sure what kind of "help" you want. I'm not really looking for others' ideas and I don't know how to do anything with theses ideas either. I just like coming up with this stuff for fun. Anyone can do it. You can also find your own place to write about it.

Ben — 10/25/2006 05:36 pm
Can you help me

I need a name for a cafe, its a school project

Derek Scott — 3/16/2007 10:05 am

I think it'd be fun to start an ice cream place called "Let's Split". It would be a build-your-own banana split place. It seems everyplace you go for a banana split has a preset way of doing it; this way you get what you want. It would have vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream (and possibly more). Then there would be toppings like caramel, fudge, marshmallow, and strawberries. You could even choose between peanuts, almonds or pecans. Whip cream or no, cherry or no, it's all up to you.

Christina — 4/09/2009 08:58 pm