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Games but no fun

Well, more than seven days have gone by since watching The Ring and I'm still alive so I think I'm safe.

I got my projector back on Thursday. The projector is still broken. They didn't fix either problem. I'm sort of pissed that they didn't call me or anything even though they couldn't find the brightness issue. But I can't believe they weren't able to see the problem with the VGA cable. You'd think it is simple enough that they'd just replace it anyway for the purpose of customer care. Promixa, where the customer is always wrong. That's a sort of inside joke and a whole nother story. Anyways, now they are going to send me a new cable, no questions asked. They are also going to pay to bring the projector back in, and if the newly reworded problem description isn't good enough, they are going to call me so that I don't get a broken one back again. If they can't see the problem I'll demand a new one. I'm not getting this back unless they see the problem and are sure it is fixed. I'm just sort up upset at this whole deal. I'm missing my whole summer with it. If it gets back and works, though, it will be worth it. That's the way it was with my DVD player, when I finally got it working, I've not had a problem with it.

Also, I got the video game I ordered. It wasn't really as bad a game as I remembered it. I kind of liked it. I played almost nonstop for the past four days and beat it this morning. Problem is that I wasn't going to work. Now I have to go to work tonight and do all the things I was supposed to do this week. I don't want to. I'm putting it off. Good to be done with the game so I can get back to haveing a life.

Random Thoughts

Sometimes I just want to say some really random things. Thought out of nowhere. Semi-profound sounding, but not actually. I like almonds but not almond flavored things because they taste like cherry. It would be cool if I had made up a word, like green, cause then I'd be famous. I think maybe I should make a book like Jack Handey's Deep Thoughts, but I'm not as funny.

What is it with me and names, for girls. For some reason when talking about girls, I don't like to use their names. My friend and I, we also refer to the girls by titles. The Yoohoo girl, the skate girl (not what you think), the BVW girl, etc. It's funny. I don't know what it is about me. I suppose sometimes it is that I don't know their actual name, like in this current instance, but normally that isn't true. I think because I tell the story first, and in the story, the name isn't important. You know, it's like "There's this girl and this thing happened and whatever." After that, when you're refering to them, you better refer to them by something in the story or else no one will know who you're talking about. Still strange though. I wonder if other people are like that? I think I do it more than most. I only think about it because of the current situation I can't really mention here. If you are supposed to know what I'm talking about then you probably already do. This is a placeholder for the real story. Sorry. However, let's just say that I'm incompetant. I just can't talk to anyone ever. Got no guts. "Let's just say", that's a very me thing to say, at least according to my mom.

"I'm just sayin'." What an awesome phrase. It just makes you right in all situations. If you follow anything with this little phrase, it says that any deeper meaning than the sound of the words that may have seemed to be intended is in the mind of the perceiver. Of course that isn't true. You know say something to mean nothing, but you can't be wrong, if you say that what you just said was only words and you don't stand behind its meaning.


I've been assigned a room at MIT. I opted for graduated student housing so I have been placed, in the building of my choice, in a three bedroom apartemnt with two other people. I'm starting to worry about this decision and situation. The past three years have been of roommates of my choice. Even my freshman year, which was assigned, we shared a small space, while it was a sleeping room, we didn't have issues about how to fill it, gathering, or kitchens. These are the things that I worry about now. I have my own room which is good, and I could just live there, but that wouldn't be that good. I want to be able to set up the public room the way I want. I want to have people over and stuff. I want to watch movies, and stay up late. What if these aren't values of my roommates? What about the kitchen? I'm a pretty picky guy with things like that. What if I have a foriegn roommate? I'm not sure what that would be like, different cultures and all. Call me xenophobic but it worries me.