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Well, my prediction from last time was certainly true. I didn't keep up daily. Not even for 2 days. I don't want to do as much of the explaining of the facts, it isn't really important I don't think. that's a lot of what this journal's been, and it should be my interesting thoughts. It's really easy for me to write this stuff because I do think in monologues like this. However, I definately have some that are more opinion that recap, and so let's see what those are like.

Well, the quick recap is that I graduated. I didn't get an internship, so I'm staying here in Pittsburgh over the summer wasting my time. Been doing work and hanging out, not much at all. I got a projector which was awesome. It had some problems I sent it in. I'm going home for my sister's graduation this weekend. Done.


I often say some really strange things. They all make sense to me. It is just the weird way my brain works. A friend of mine said there should be a place to write them down. I said I had a journal but it didn't really have that sort of stuff. Well it should. I don't remember what I said that day, but here's some nonsense with more to come.


First there's the words I can't say right: Frustrated (fustrated) and Tedeschi's the most notable ones. There there's the dialect. For those who aren't aware, a dialect is a regional difference in the way a single language is spoken: southern, New York, Ebonics. An accent is the differences in pronounciation by someone who natively speaks a different languages: French accent. Anyways, there are lots of words where I drop the t's from nt sounds. It's fun. Try it with me. Printer (Prinner), winter (winner), tinted (tin-ned), and others. Finally, some new words I like. Nother, as in "a whole nother story". Mighs, as in "We mighs well". But my absolute favorite is combining 2 words that mean the same thing, like ginourmous, especially when it happens by accident. For some reason I hate irregardless even though it is one of these (irrespective + regardless).


Ha. It is amazing how fast things turn around. I was talking to one person and I was feeling down. It inspired me to write an entry about how the things that still aren't going right for me got me down. And then the things I miss are replaced by things I regret even more. It is a waste of time. Things I hate about myself that I wouldn't even want to discuss with anyone.

But before I could write more than the heading for that last paragraph I got distracted by talking to someone else, and they sure picked me up. Now I know that things don't always go right for anyone. If you can be happy with who you as a person, even if not with all the situation surrounding you, that is all that is important. What a turnaround. I'm working at making it better. It'll happen one day. I'll fulfill my goal. Not all, but the current ones, and move on to new ones. Here's to always having something to look forward to.