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as it really been another month? The time flies and I've been really busy. Well, that just means there is more to talk about and I should've been getting it out in small bits, but here goes....

The Big Decision and The Future

I decided to go to MIT. I didn't get the deal I talked about last time, but I was about ready to decide MIT anyway. So I'm very excited for my move. I'll mist things there. The most recent one that I remembered is the spring afternoons as the sun is setting and bagpipe music drifting over the hills.

I've applied to live in MIT graduate student housing. My top choice was some unfurnished apartments. It will be good because we have plenty of furniture at home for me to get, and that'll be nicer than dorm crap, and more mine. I don't find out what I get until May 19, that's the day after graduation, this Sunday, but I'll get to that.

Carly also decided to go to MIT, so that will be cool, being able to hang with my sister. I think we get along pretty well. The 4 years has been a big deal so we've never really been at the same place. I'm excited, because she can give me the low down on the stuff the undergrads learn that they don't tell me.

As far as the summer goes, I've got either this ILM internship or just chilling in Pittsburgh. I won't know until the same day, May 19, about that. I don't know whether I want it or not. On the one hand, ILM would be awesome and it is a great opportunity. Experiencing San Fransisco would be cool. On the other hand, it wouldn't be as a relaxing break as just staying here would be. Being here would nice because it would give me some free time to close my affairs. Also, having 1 month before it starts to figure out housing and other logistics won't be fun. Either way, I'll be here until at least mid June, so that'll be good.

End of School and Graduation

I'm done. I've just been walking around saying that and it feels damn good. I had a week off, the first week of finals, when I didn't have any. I goofed around, did some work for Stage3, some personal stuff, and playing some games. I did the movie week thing. One of them we watched on the porch, that was fun. I also went out one night for Steve's 21, then spent a day recovering, oops. Last weekend I had to study really hard. On Monday I rocked both my finals. I got 2 B's in my classes. I'm happy, and I'm going to graduate.

This week I haven't been doing much. It's kinda sad with people leaving, I'm not so happy with the house so empty, because unlike past summers where it signaled quiet fun and relaxation, freedom, now it means the end, of a era for me. Tonight I went to a reception for people going to Boston next year, and then I went to a special seniors showing of the Matrix. I won't get into that.

Graduation is on Sunday. The fam is coming in on Friday. I think I might be finally getting a projector. It only took a year. I'm excited though. Really though, I've just come to appreciate my mom and anything she does for me. It is tough for me to get excited about something like that without feeling like I don't appreciate her, except for the gifts and such, but I do have my priorities right, I just get excited about that stuff too. Being near home next year definately is a good thing.

Project Phonebooth

The project I was working on that was Sarah's senior project. We finally made it work. I'll have to get pictures or something. A phonebooth in the CS undergrad lounge and one in the halls of CFA. And people were actually communicating! CS students held up "Bring Food" signs and art students really brought them food and hung out with them. That is exactly what she wanted so I guess that makes it worth the suck it took to make it work. It was a real bitch and half.

After an allnighter of doing some extremely hacky things to make it work, I decided to go to MIT (of course it just worked out that way), it wasn't really causal but I joked around that it was. Truth is, I'll miss Sarah and Mo. I think that CS for me wouldn't have been half of what it was if there wasn't also CFA. I have so much that I owe to the artists I've worked with. I couldn't do awesome stuff without them. And Sarah and I got $182 for showing Shadow Gnomes at Flux, that we split. That was a nice surprise.