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Frightening tale of (lack of) airport security

My sisters told me to post about this so I will. Yesterday I was flying back from visiting my family for Passover. I checked in to my flight online from my laptop, but since I couldn't connect to the printer at my aunt's house, I "printed" my boarding pass to a PDF on my flash drive and then printed it off of their computer. I don't know how, but somehow I managed to accidentally print another copy of my outbound boarding pass from Wednesday instead of the return boarding pass for yesterday. I didn't even notice this until I was waiting in line to board the plane. Yep, the lady who checked my boarding pass when I checked my bag and the one who checked it at the security checkpoint both failed to notice that it was for the wrong day and airport. At that point I decided to pretend I hadn't noticed either. The gate agent also failed to notice that the boarding pass was for the wrong flight even though she tried to scan it (unsuccessfully?) before letting me on the plane. On the plane they called my name and asked my to press my call button, but once I did, they didn't even come talk to me. Presumably they were just checking that I was on the plane (since I had checked in, but not been correctly scanned at the gate), but it could have been anyone that pressed that call button. I guess now I almost understand how those people who were supposed to be going to Miami got on our flight bound for London a few years ago (luckily we told them before the plane left the gate).


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It's ok, you don't look like a terrorist. At long as our security agents are hassling dark-skinned people, we'll all be safe.

[info]matthewljacobs — 4/13/2009 03:49 pm