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My day flashed before my eyes

I haven't talked about what's been going on lately. Since my apartment was broken into and things have been getting stressful at work, I've been a bit of a mess. Something else I haven't talked much about is my girlfriend, Katie. I've been seeing her for about 4 months now. Things were good, athough this week was tough since the stress I've been under, and some of hers, has effected our relationship a bit. Yesterday, however, was a great day, enough to make me want to say something about it.

In the morning she invited me to go with her to the farmer's market. I'm not much of a cook and so I don't usually have a lot of use for fresh produce, but I thought I should go to be with her and get out and try something new. I'm very glad that I did. I remembered how much I like fresh fruits and I was a bit flustered that I wanted everything. I'll have to go back some time. With the weather here being so nice (not the kind of March I'm used to) and all the yummy things to eat, we decided to get some things to cook out. We got some ground beef to make burgers, corn, and strawberries (shortcake for dessert), went to the grocery store for the rest of the things we needed and got some lunch.

That evening went to cook it all on the grill. My apartment complex has a couple of propane grills for common use in the courtyards. After a few minutes figuring out how to work the grill and going to find one of those long lighters, I went to light it. I probably should have been worried that the knob was already on "lite" when I found it. When it lit, "WHOMP." Large explosion of built up propane. The doors below the grill (in front of the empty enclosure inside the brick structure that housed the grill) blew open and I got knocked back. The first thing I did was check to see if I still had eybrows. I was ok, but some of the hair on my hand and wrist was singed and my face had ash on it (probably blown out of the grill by the blast).

Despite what it almost cost me, the meal was excellent. The burgers were a little overdone, but considering that I always had Nate or someone else to man the grill for me at AEPi, I think we did ok. The corn was great and the strawberry shortcake was excellent. We watched a movie. It was (almost) perfect. That's it, I guess. Today I'm working on one of my projects. I should post more. Maybe I will. Until next time...