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It's odd that there isn't a standard greeting for IM. There should me something, a way of saying "I would like to talk to you or ask a question" as the ringing of a phone would do. Not even the same as "Hello" because that's actually the response, it's more the question, "Are you there?" "Hey", "Hi", "Ping", "are you there?", "firstname?" seem to be popular. Maybe I should start using "Ahoy, Ahoy" as A. Graham Bell proposed.


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I'm a big fan of "ping" -- but usually I jus skip the greeting and ask the question right off the bat. I feel like one doesn't need the "warning shot" of saying "Hey" in IM -- people can read your IM and respond whenever they want.
It's different than talking to someone face-to-face, where you often need to say something first to get their attention. Also, I feel that the IM "incoming message chime" is a sufficient greeting.

[info]matthewljacobs — 8/24/2005 06:48 am

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I guess I should clarify. I agree that I don't need to warn them. With a lot of people on my list, online status doesn't mean they are actually there. In this case I don't want to warn them but I want to know if they are there to answer. For some reason I don't like leaving a message if it is a question if the person isn't going to get it until later when I might not care anymore.

[info]sparkyb — 8/24/2005 07:41 am

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I'm a big fan of the seinfeld "heeellllloooooooo!!!!" voice

[info]bluekirby — 8/24/2005 01:49 pm