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Music Midtown Day 2

Wow, was it a long day today. Patrick and I left at 8:30am and went to Home Depot to buy a ton of stuff to build the screen. He dropped me off and I started working. I spent all morning in jeans and black t-shirt out in the hot, hot Atlanta sun building wall panels. The screen is HUGE. 20'x16'. We bolted all the panels together and scarily stood it up against the only 10' tall fence. We used a bunch of rope and heavy duty zip ties to secure the screen up. That was about 4pm. Then we set up all our electronics. That takes us to aboult 6:15. Finally we got power. We had to set up software, and then while we were waiting for the dark, I went home quickly to shower and change. When we got back it was already time to get started.

It went great. People really liked it. It was fun to demo it and see people playing it. I love the small company atmosphere where I make a difference. We had out there a couch, table, and cooler with water and other drinks. This was great for our periodic breaks throughout the day (we needed to to keep from passing out in that sun). We definately got wireless internet so it was great being able to to look up the schedule or the weather or just chat with my friends while listening to the Counting Crows. I didn't really leave the booth but I was able to demo PlayMotion and still see some of the concerts that went on right near us.

Although the weather... During the day it was too hot, I didn't realize but I got fairly sunburned (including a very odd white band on my arm where I had my worker wrist band all day). I was hoping in the night for it to cool off, which it did, but wasn't much better because then we had to put up with rain. Everything was getting wet and it got really bad when we were tiredly trying to pack up at 1:30. Hopefully it will stop some time and dry out for at least part of tomorrow, although is not predicting any let up or sunshine for the next several days. I'm a very grouchy camper when it rains and I'm doing anything with equipment outside. Ask anyone who's ever been camping with me.

I feel like I have more to say but I forget. Such an amazing day. Got to sleep now. Pictures will be up soon.