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More Odds and Ends

Two more weeks have gone by and much has happened. Eek, why can't I update this more. It makes it so much more daunting a task when I do. Then again, if something gets left out or under-discussed, who would care?

Yes, I have been keeping quite busy. Most of that has been time spent at work. I won't bore anyone with the details of my battles with DirectX, HLSL, and OpenGL, but I do want to make a more general point. It is amazing how mysterious, difficult, and impressive things that other people can do seem before you spend even five minutes learning them. Some things which seem like magic that I could never hope to understand can become simple and routine once a small amount of time and mental space is given to them. Oh yeah, and we now have a drink fridge including Yoohoo. :-D

A week and a half ago I went to a Braves game where they won. I also went to another game night where I won my very first game of Settlers of Catan. Despite the way I feel about the CS lounge with which I usually associate the game, it was actually pretty fun. Tigris and Euphrates, on the other hand, was ridiculously complicated.

Last weekend I flew home for Jackie's graduation from Brown. Coincidently I bumped into my friend Gil from CMU and his girlfriend Diana there. I was suprised to see them, but his brother also was graduating. Brown's graduation was a bit strange. They had student speeches instead of the usual commencement speaker, but what was strange was that the speeches took place at a church off campus that only fit the students. We sat outside on the campus green while we waited for the students to walk over there, hear the speeches while we watched on TV, and walk back. Back in front of us all they did was present the different degrees and give a fake cerimonial diploma to one student per group. It was very hot out that day and we were happy to move inside for the Biology department ceremony where Jackie was the only graduate for Marine Biology. There were two more, but unlike CMU which let students walk and get an empty diploma case if they still had a summer class or two to take, Brown singled out these "prospective graduates" by making them walk seperately at the end. I have pictures.

Tonight I went to see As You Like It at a Shakespeare Tavern where you can eat and watch the play. I had a good time and am grateful for my friend who invited me along. These are probably the types of things I should figure out how to get out and do on my own. I enjoy going out but yet most of the time I'm just so lazy and sit around doing nothing of substance. Sometimes I feel just like a cog in the machine. I do whatever it is that I'm here for and good at, I serve a fuction but that's it. I still need to learn how to act to make things happen and to get what I want out of life. Until then I'll continue to enjoy the scraps that my friends throw my way.