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Summer Plans

It's about time that I speak about what I'm doing this summer, since it officially starts in only a few days. I know previously people heard me whining about my troubles finding a summer internship. My friends were not inclined to hear it since they just assume that I'm awesome and should have no problem getting a job. I won't go into right now some of the problems I think there are that prevent me from doing well at a job search. But those reasons aside, part of the problem was a lack of effort. I started my search a bit late, didn't apply as many places as I should have, and wasn't prepared enough to show all my best work and have it make me look good.

Well, I was lucky enough to land an internship opportunity with one company that I'm pretty excited about. I will be in Atlanta working for a relatively small startup company called PlayMotion. I met the founder of the company at the IAAPA trade show back in November. They work on projection systems that allow people to interact with their whole body creating a fun installation for a museum or other public space.

This will be my first real internship, but also my first summer not living in some place I'd call home (if you don't count my summers at camp when I was younger). The logistics are tricky I'm still working it out. A new city, new people, and a new job. All things that both scare me and make me excited. I am someone who doesn't like change or to do anything different. I've spent the last 4 summers living in Pittsburgh and working for Randy at Stage3. On the other hand I get tired of the same people all the time and the same stagnant environment. As someone who's always trying to improve myself, this is a new beginning which is a fresh chance to reinvent myself and make in actuallity a lot of the changes I've been recently preparing myself for mentally. Although I will miss my friends in Pittsburgh and all the things I've come to enjoy about the summer here. If I'm lucky I could return for my 4th annual AEPi 4th of July BBQ and trip downtown for fireworks. Still, I am anxious not knowing how my living situation, eating, commute, work, dress, and social life will work for the summer. I'm sure I will be doubtful, nervous, and unhappy initially, but hopefully by a week from now I'll be settled in and ready for an exciting summer.

If I don't find myself going out and partying or putting in overtime in my spare time, I'll have a chance to truely devote myself to some of my personal projects that I often don't have time for. The list has been building up quite a bit. There are a lot of exciting things on it which I'd like to get done, which would make me feel a lot better about myself. That's really about as much as I can say about it right now. After I arrive in Atlanta I'm sure there will be much more.