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Corner of the Sky

Tonight was greek sing. It brings back some unhappy memories. First of all, I wanted to help out with ABTech, setting up and doing tech for the event. Of course I did help set up, but what makes me mad is that because I was a brother of AEPi, I'm not allowed to help out during rehersal or the show. I guess the worry is bias, that I might try to give unfair advantage to AEPi or adversely affect other shows. Some think it seems valid but I do not agree. First of all, it isn't like I'm looking for an especially important job with a lot of influence. Secondly, I was never very involved in AEPi greek sing and have no stake in their success. But most important is a thing called professionalism. If I'm going to do something then I'm going to make that my priority and focus. I am able to have multiple hobbies and keep them seperate. In protest I did not help with strike, although it was also since I had to get up early the next day.

Having been shunned by ABTech, I had no choice but to attend Greek Sing with AEPi. It felt weird being there like it always was in the past. I've been a bad brother with regards to greek sing. I helped out only slightly my freshman year, didn't do anything my sophmore or junior year, and was only actually involved one out of my four years. As much as I like theater, particularly my rare opportunity to perform, I have not capitalized on it. I've felt bad because of it, for both reasons.

The other thing that greek sing brings is girls. I have been and was this time uncomfortable being around which ever sorority we were working with. This probably comes from a comraderie developed over the weeks working together that the other brothers had that did not.

Well, that all being said there isn't much I can do about it now. So this year AEPi did Pippen with Zeta and won 3rd place.