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Orientation Summary

It has been 6 days since I last wrote because a lot has been going on. Tuesday we moved in all the freshmen. It was pretty fun. Lots of people had LCD monitors so things weren't as heavy as usual. I was back at Donner again for the 3rd year. Later that day I helped out Tech with setting up Tartan pars. That's the thing where we light up the columns of Purnell and the UC with Tartan colors. Then we had to set up and do Playfair.

That night and every night the rest of the week there was a lot of chillin' on the AEPi porch. BBQ and meeting freshmen. Fun. I met a whole bunch of really cool people. I don't exactly wanna mention names or anything in a public journal, but if anyone I'm talking about actually reads this, you know who you are.

Friday night the jew crew assembled a large posse and headed over to Chabbad. I went. It was fun and the food was good. So far this year I've met a lot more jews than I think I have in the past, other than in my house of course. I really feel the jew thing happening this year.

Last night was House Wars on the cut. It was very muddy because of the rain earlier. I'd say it was the muddiest event I've seen at CMU since Fiesta de Primavera my freshman year.

I was at House Wars because I was with Tech. I've been doing a lot of Tech this week. I hope I'll really be able to keep that up this year, assuming my class load doesn't get to bad.

I'm also really happy because I got to start really using my new digital camera. I Have a whole lot of pictures from Orientation. This camera works great! It does an amazing job in the dark without a flash. I was impress with the shot I got of the Tartan pars. I also figured out the cool stitch assist mode that let me take a really cool panorama of house wars.

On a slightly different note, I am certain now that I have the job as a BVW TA and that I'm getting paid. Sweet. Class starts on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to it. I've been working hard to get the Alice gallery and new bug database ready.