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If you've been in contact with me lately, you know that I've been very busy with this experiment I have been running. You may even know the significance of the phrase "Report your status, Bravo Leader." Basically, I have been running a lot of subjects through this experiment. It requires a lot of work on my part, but it also require a lot of sitting around and waiting. I've taken up drawing as a way to pass the time. I thought some people might like to see the doodles I came up with.
I think I was getting better as I went along. The ones I like the most are the flag, the gumball machine, and the firework. The Microsoft Mouse, the soup, the yoohoo (well actually all the food), the menorah, the beer (on page 5), and the balloon are also ok. Keep in mind that these were drawn with ballpoint pen, on post-it notes, in the dark. Also this is bigger than life size and higher contrast so you see more of the lines here, although it is really pretty sketchy.

If you are wondering about "Peanut" on page 5, that's the name I gave to the AIBO the ETC just bought. That's my next project and I'm sure I'll write more about that later, with pictures. He's really cute, and I'm already too attached to him. He isn't really mine but I guess I think he is. He isn't even going to have a personallity, though, once I get a memory stick reader and start programming him, what we actually bought him for. Until then, I'm playing around with him the way he was meant to be, and it's a lot of fun. I drew a picture of him on that page where I was trying to design a logo for his name.